Meet our Board

The current PWAC Board representing the three ceremony groups of the Thamarrurr region

The Board has been working with APONT under the Aboriginal Governance and Management Plan since mid 2016, to strengthen local womens’ governance of PWAC businesses for the global context. No small accomplishment when English is your second or perhaps third language.

“Kardu Mardinpuy kardu pule Ngalla paninu

i da mayirtnu pani da kainh”


(Growing young women into leaders so they can

run the organisation and the community).

Chairperson representing Tharnpa Ceremony Group (Diminan Clan) – Margaret Perdjert

Representing Tharnpa Ceremony Group – Milmi Melpi

Representing Tharnpa Ceremony Group – Barbara Melpi

Representing Lirrga Ceremony Group – Rosa Tipoloura

Representing Lirrga Ceremony Group – Marietta Parmbuk

Representing Wangka Ceremony Group – Stephanie Berida

Representing Wangka Ceremony Group – Elizabeth Gumbaduck